Until the few? And until where?

Official statement Village

We believe that the sectarian manipulation is the use of information, in order to distort public opinion and frustrate the ability of citizens to decide freely and responsibly. We believe that a lie or a half truth repeated by any means of communication becomes . a truth in fact, and often constitute a belief believe that, being not silence our nature or our sanity, we must assume, once again, the right to exercise discretion, since the attitude that we subscribe to all circumstances: the truth as logic of life. We consider timely and relevant denounce and deny a group of rumors, mainly due to the different media that promotes the Internet, distorting the reality of the facts, and therefore constitute a profound disrespect to the detriment of “Los Aldeanos “and its artwork. Rumors that could represent a worsening of the situation that this project has had to face in recent times, which means no secret to anyone.


1. We belie that villagers are employees of the empire.
The villagers did not receive any remuneration other than the accrual of legal contracts made with the “Emetrece Productions ‘project and’ The International Village” (verifiable) from the sale of his musical productions in international digital stores like iTunes, which Most sales come from Europe.

Melisa “Emetrece” Riviere is the international legal administrator of the villagers and their authority is limited to editorial rights of musical production of them (verifiable data). The villagers are the sole and rightful owners of all your music. We add that the same working relationship exists with Double Edge group and Silvito The Libre. However, on the latter there has never been any question, which makes it clear that everything revolves around “Los Aldeanos” and its aesthetic discourse, hostile manipulated and decontextualized to political nonsense. The money with which Melisa “Emetrece” Riviere has He performed his work and collaboration with the hip-hop movement in Cuba for ten years, is kind and personal effort, working as assistant professor at the Universities of Minnesota and Hamline in the Twin Cities (verifiable). Here you need to remember again that the “Emetrece Productions’ project does not accept any government funding, nor is associated with organizations that contain overtones or political doctrines. Their commitment is to education and creating musical dialogues between artists and their communities, using hip-hop as a tool.

2. We belie the computer was donated to the village initiative of the US government.
The computer donated to “The International Village” and which was sent through Melisa “Emetrece” person Riviere is the result of a courtesy of the Colombian singer Juanes and here we left for it to be collated, if necessary, data the laptop: Macintosh, PowerBook G4 Number of W84352VYQHY series, from “Peace Without Borders,” Panama.

3. We belie the interview courtesy of Aldo Rodríguez Baquero, “The Villager” and Silvio Rodriguez Varona, “Silvito The Free,” the September 4, 2009 the “Maria Elvira Live” program was agreed by a monetary “fix” .
This means the biggest disrespect to the convictions and principles, both as Aldo Silvito or Emetrece Productions. Foolishly trying to discredit them, we assume that in spite of what both expressed in this interview, we remember was live by telephone. The villagers Silvito The Free or Emetrece Productions received any payment or compensation for the interview in Maria Elvira Live on 4 September 2009. The song “Nothing,” from Silvito The Free and The Villager with production of “Emetrece , “it was composed long before the Sept. 4 interview, and not a capitulation, not at all a gesture of wanting to curry favor with the authorities who exercised censorship over his speech on the island. “Nothing,” expresses only our own criteria, with which both – The Villager and Silvito The Libre – are consistent. Criterion is not negotiable … it is counter. Criterion which opposes the policy mistakes of any manipulative or not approach the true nature, the real attitude that carry both Silvito The Libre, as the villagers.

We denounced as illegal and disrespectful, references and contrary to the criteria entered in this press innuendo. The International Village remains the primary source for all correspondence on the villagers.